Why Xamarin Makes More Sense For Mobile App Development

  • Why Xamarin Makes More Sense For Mobile App Development

    In today’s tech world, businesses ranging from Fortune 500 to influential startups need extremely powerful and matchless mobile apps for success on both business and economic front. All thanks to the swift and fast growth of app development sector and the increasing demand of customers in mobility.

    Why choose Xamarin?

    An array of devices and software has become an integral part of the daily life of customers all across the globe. 90% of CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs are concentrating on strengthening their brand’s presence by delivering almost 40% of their business products to their valuable customers at their fingertips. To make this process hassle-free and easy-to-access, most of the businessmen are trying to focus on effective cross-platform mobile applications. Cross-platform mobile app development is the best source for exceeding end user’s expectations significantly across different hand held devices.

    According to Furry Analytics study,"Mobile users spend at least 162 minutes on their mobile devices on a daily basis. All of these users tend to spend 80% of this time on mobile apps as compared to 20% of time on calling, surfing, and more. Looking at this fact, it is certain that Xamarin mobile app development is here to stay for an unbreakable time."

    Here, we are sharing some core reasons for businesses to make the most of Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development. Let’s have a look:

    Easy Sharing

    Once you build your apps on Xamarin, you use the same programming language, APIs and data structures to share 70% of app code across all mobile app platforms. This logic is easily shared across different platforms.

    Native Performance

    Xamarin – The king of cross-platform mobile app development eliminates the need of managing different teams for specific platforms. It can be easily used to leverage your existing mobile app code base too. Apps that are written in different languages like JAVA or Objective C are easily transitioned to C# where they can gain good market hype.

    Component Store

    This component store allows adding high-quality components to your app directly from your IDE, including controls, web service APIs and more. In addition to this, you can also integrate popular backbends such as MS Azure, Salesforce, as well as add powerful security features such as encryption.

    Xamarin is the best way to topple expenses related to the development of cross-platform mobile applications. Its features make it the best option for modern cross-platform mobile app development.