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OmYao Channel 777 is a unique platform where people can go for healing, both within and without. We live in a world where a lot of people are suffering and yet, there is no universal location or brand where someone can go to receive support, instruction, and learn healthy ways to relieve their stress, enhance their well-being, stimulate their energy and get on the path to finding their own inner peace. To do so, we advocate a variety of natural practices with instruction, support and inspiration.

To accomplish these goals, we need financial help to build and maintain our OmYao Channel 777 platform. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a worldwide resource where people can always go, day or night, without fear of being turned away because of their background, sexual identity, education, race, culture or level of need.

OmYao Channel 777 is looking for sponsors, donors and CrowdFunding sources to be a part of what we are working to accomplish. By doing so, you will be help us to deliver a variety of unique services to anyone in need, regardless of whether they can afford to pay for them.

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