About Us

The place to come to be reminded of your immeasureable gifts, and that of others.

OmYao Channel 777 is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization, the concept of which began in 2014, with the mission of elevating individuals and their communities’ awareness through inspiration and inner guidance. OmYao Channel 777’s vision is to elevate humanity by helping others achieve awareness of their natural strengths and gifts, individually and collectively. OmYao Channel 777’s non-denominational services utilize a variety of modalities with coaching by skilled professionals to guide visitors to find the healing and empowerment they need. Made up of a diverse community, OmYao Channel 777 attracts people from all walks of life.

OmYao Channel 777 was founded by JoJo Yao, a humanitarian and spiritual teacher who previously founded the healthcare and technology recruiting firm 777 Konnect Inc. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, OmYao Channel 777 partners with Spokes Digital Inc., a data-driven digital marketing and technology company, headquartered in San Francisco with offices in India.

Founder: JoJo Yao

OmYao Channel 777 Founder JoJo Yao was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa in a family that was steeped in spirituality and positivism. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications, Communications studies and Global studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, then went on to earn his Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco in Organization Development.

After an early career in the banking industry, JoJo worked as a healthcare technology consultant helping hospitals and medical practices implement EMR technology as an upgrade to better communicate with their patients. With the contacts he developed, he also formed his own healthcare recruiting firm, 777 Konnect, to better connect human potential with work opportunities in the healthcare industry.  

OmYao Channel 777 was born out of his experience in the healthcare industry where he recognized an important element that was missing in many people’s lives: ongoing inspiration and motivation. Coming from a family which valued and emphasized spiritual growth, he named his online site OmYao Channel 777 as Om Yao translates to “going within you.”

As a coach, a mentor and a motivator, JoJo Yao has united people from different races, cultures, traditions, and economic backgrounds throughout his life. His goal in creating the OmYao community is to create a one-world spiritual family by providing a forum or “home” where an individual can access their inner guidance or power by accessing programs or “tools” that bring people closer to their own inner awareness.

Enhance Your Well Being

Learn helpful practices that feed your mind in a positive way & enhance mindfulness.

Stimulate Energy

Challenge yourself with these simple excises to get your blood flowing and improve your strength.

Release Stress

We believe in the power of inspiration, meditation, and communication: all great ways to relieve stress.

Find Inner Peace

We’ll stand with you through any challenges that unfold, providing the tools and support to help meet your goals.